• Gesto with the Cuillin beyond
  • Loch Affric- winter sunrise
  • Findhorn beach huts
  • Tobermory - high tide
Personal itinerary – Turas pearsanta

This is top of the list because it is our preferred option – and the best way to be sure that you see what you want on your trip to the Highlands, rather than following a pre-determined and inflexible itinerary.

If you can tell us what interests you, we can suggest a trip that lets you see as much as possible of the things you want. Perhaps it’s a specific site or area? Perhaps it’s an affiliation to a particular clan? A specific time or event in history? Prefer to be out walking rather than in the car?

Whatever the answer we’ll do our best to tick all these boxes in the time available and then let you decide what suits you best.

Perhaps the challenge is the time you have available; if you’re arriving off a cruise liner, and only have a few hours; need to be back at the airport or station by a specific time? This is not a problem. Just let us know and we’ll work around your requirements.

We believe that flexibility is one of our strengths… and don’t forget, all of this comes with our unique twist of Gaelic, culture and music.